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Covid Anniversary

365 days ago the world stopped and it became March every day. Before I say anything else, let me first say: I’m sorry that so many have suffered, mostly unnecessarily. People have lost loved ones, jobs, homes, and every sense of normalcy. My heart goes out to everyone who’s been impacted by the pandemic. I’m writing down these thoughts on the last year because it feels wrong to not try and remember everything that happened. Its a strange and sick sort of anniversary we’re recognizing today, but we can’t forget a pandemic again. Otherwise the failures of 1918 and 2020 will become the failures of 2119. Everyone will have a different memory of “the moment” when they realized the world was coming to an end. Looking back at text messages I realized that I was one of the first in my circle to see the pandemic coming. For me the moment was this: I can’t remember where I heard this about China, but “Watch what they do, not what they say.” The Chinese government said they had it all under contr