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My Favorite Video Games of the Generation

These are my ten favorite videogames for the Xbox One / PlayStation 4 generation. Listed in roughly the order of how awesome I think they are, but they’re all kind of equally amazing. If you haven’t checked any of them out yet you should do so now. I would personally recommend Xbox because of the cross-generational support they offer, but where you play videogames is less important than the act of playing. So stay inside and play! Without further ado... 10. Untitled Goose Game Every once in awhile a videogame comes along that just clicks with everyone. No fancy cutscenes needed. No complex gameplay to be seen. Katamari Damacy was that game in the PS2 era. This generation we got *HONK* You play as a goose who terrorizes a small English village. The simple mechanics (honk, grab, and poke) combine with a piano soundtrack that dynamically follows the action to make solving puzzles hilarious and fun even when things go awry. It puts a smile on your face. 09. Doom How do you reimagine a game