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Palm Prints

Palm prints on cold glass fade away from the first point of contact first. A memory of a moment pulling away from the glass and dispersing into the air around you. What if the glass was just the right temperature and the palm print didn’t fade away? What if memories just hung around forever? Would you stare at them or would you wipe it off your field of view?
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My Top Games of the Generation

  10. Untitled Goose Game Every once in awhile a videogame comes along that just clicks with everyone. No fancy cutscenes needed. No complex gameplay to be seen. Katamari Damacy was that game in the PS2 era. This generation we got *HONK* You play as a goose who terrorizes a small English village. The simple mechanics (honk, grab, and poke) combine with a piano soundtrack that dynamically follows the action to make solving puzzles hilarious and fun even when things go awry. It puts a smile on your face. 09. Doom How do you reimagine a game with the history and legacy of DOOM? You don’t. Doom (2016) opens with your character pushing aside a monitor alerting you to a demonic invasion mid status update and pulling out their gun. For the next 20hours the heavy metal tunes from Mick Gordon are a backdrop to a non stop chorus of righteous gorey over the top demon killing. You shoot, you rip apart, you shove horns in places they don’t belong, and you chain saw imps in half. Yes, there’s still

The Journey

You cannot stand at the beginning of your journey and attempt to map out all the milestones of the adventure. It is only when you stand at the end of your path looking back that all the dots will appear connected. Only then will you be able to understand and know which events were really turning points in your life. And which events were merely nothing at all.